Corgi Cover-ups

Brenna - the origional panty model - shows off the first style of panties Lily models a newer version Corgi Cover-ups are sanitary panties made specifically for corgis with no tail! They are great for girls in season or for incontinent girls. Panties come in TWO designs, the CLASSIC style and the ULTIMATE style. Both styles come in assorted fabrics and colors. See a more detailed description below!

Flora models a modern corduroy print Corgi-Cover-up Classic Cover-ups are lighter duty panties for girls in season. They have two layers, a heavier weight outer fabric like denim or courduroy and a soft flannel lining. Add a sanitary pad to make them more absorbant. These are the panties I have sold for years at Lakeshore and the National.

Sarah models a spotted print Ultimate Season Cover-up Ultimate Cover-ups are new for 2012! They have four layers to them instead of the two layers that the Classic design have. They consist of a heavier weight outer fabric and soft flannel lining just like the Classic design. The Ultimate Incontinence design adds both a waterproof layer and a very absorbant layer making them useful for light to medium urinary incontinence. The Ultimate Season design adds both a waterproof layer and a second absorbant flannel layer making them useful for girls in season. The Ultimate design is more form fitting than the Classic design.

INCONTINENCE Ultimate Cover-ups come in "Narrow" and "Wide". The "Wide" are about an inch wider between the legs than the "Narrow" to reduce leakage for moderate incontinence. The "Narrow" are used for girls with light urinary incontinence. The "Narrow" width is the same width that the Classic and Ultimate Season come in. The Ultimate Incontinence have a thick, very absorbant layer.

SEASON Ultimate Cover-ups don't have the extra inch between the legs. They have a second absorbant flannel layer making them a bit lighter weight than the Incontenience version.

Both are designed to be used without a pad inside.

Notice the form fit to Sarah's spotted print Ultimate Season Cover-up Close-up of Sarah's spotted print Ultimate Season Cover-up

Sizes -

"One size fits most corgis" My Average Size Cover-ups will fit girls with waists between 14 and 20 inches. I have tried the Average size Cover-ups on all the dogs in my house (girls from 20-28 pounds and boys from 24-32 pounds)and the Average size fits all of them (the boys were for sizing only, not for use on boys).

For girls with larger waists, you have two choices. I offer a Large size that will fit really big girls with wide bottoms and waists from 18 to 24 inches. They are wider across the bottom and a bit longer in the body than the average size too. If your girl just has a larger waist but is otherwise average size, just tell me what size her waist is and I'll make an average size pair with a larger waist band to fit her.

If you need a custom size (other than the waist band) just let me know, I'll be happy to make a custom size for you!

NEW SIZE for Schipperkes!
Same great fit as the corgi pants, but adjusted for Schpperkes. Fits waists between 14 and 20 inches. Available in both Classic and Ultimate Design. Please specify that you are ordering for a Schipperke in the Comment section on the order form.


Stock up and save!

Classic Cover-ups are priced at $15.00 each. Two pair for $29.00 or three pair for $41.00.

Ultimate Cover-ups are priced at $18.00 each. Two pair for $35.00 or three pair for $50.00.

This low price INCLUDES free first class shipping within the US!

Available Fabrics

The following are some of the fabrics I have available. Prints, stripes and plaids are all approximently a 3 inch square to help you visualize the size of the print. I have more fabrics pictured on the Belly Band page, please feel free to check out the "boy" colors too. Most Belly Band fabrics will fall into the Heavy weight catagory and may not be suitable for the Ultimate designs. If you prefer a certain type of fabric or color family, please let me know.

Heavy weight fabrics


All of the fabrics are pre-washed to minimize shrinking.

Denim and Other Sturdy Cottons and Cotton blends - Assorted shades of solid denim, embroidered denim and sturdy cotton prints. All of the fabrics are pre-washed to minimize shrinking.

Three shades of Denim-Medium, Light and Dark Lighter Blue Denims and Medium Denim Medium denim and a black striped denim
Heavy weight denim with smiling suns Heavy weight denim with bears flying red, blue and green airplanes Snake print

Wild bright print with chilis Navy Blue rose brocade print Green and Tan Stripes

Dark and Light Blue Stripes Rust and Tan Stripes Navy Blue and Yellow Stripes

Black background with multi colored spots and lines Blue Splashes Black background with blue and grey design

Camouflage - Assorted Camouflage prints in greens, browns and blues! These are all a heavier fabric and come in the traditional pattern or the digital pattern. I din't have all of the available patterns pictured.

Woodland Camouflage Desert Camo Choc Chip Blue Paid Camo

Digital Green Blue Camo

Real Tree Fall Real Tree

Corduroy and Upholstery Velvet - Very heavy weight durable fabrics.

Gray and Brown stripe Gray Blue Plaid Upholstry Velvet

Mid-weight fabrics

Suitable for both Classic Cover-ups and Ultimate Cover-ups

Lightweight denims, corduroy and other cottons

Dark Blue with pink, blue and aqua embroidered hearts Denim Purple with embroidered pink hearts and flowers Plum or Purple plaid
Noah's Ark print Assorted cars
Gold brocade fabric Brown fabric with green flowers Beige floral print
Mauve and Rose print Tan with brown print

Faux Suede

Leopard print Tiger print Giraffe print

Double Knit

Green Squares Dark blue print Yellow and Orange retro
Green print

Light Weight Fabrics


I purchase the Hawaiian Fabrics as remnamts. Colors and patterns will vary. Please let me know which color you would like and let me select the print! I try to keep at least Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange on hand. I sometimes have Purple or Lavendar. I also have some "native" designs in both cotton/poly blend and bark cloth.

A Rainbow of Hawaiian prints!
Bark Cloth in brown Bark Cloth in teal Bark Cloth in purple
Sea turtles

How to Measure

To measure your corgi for Corgi Cover-ups simply measure the waist right in front of the rear legs. Pull the measuring tape snug to get an accurate measurement. Then find the size that this number fits into!

Laundering Instructions

Corgi Cover-ups are machine washable and dryable for years of use.

Cover-up Customers Speak Out!

Please tell others what you liked or disliked about my Cover-ups! Send me your comment and I'll post it for others to read.

I tried the ULITMATE style on my girl that has suffered from numerous urinary tract infections and who was now leaving small pee spots behind where she had been laying. These pants were perfect for her and she again was allowed up on the couch. Totally absorbant. Sturdy and nicely form fitting. So good I bought a second pair!
Lea Jacobs
Melyn Rhos Pembroke Welsh Corgis

100% satisfied with the fit and performance of the new "Ultimate" coverup. We are using them for an incontinence problem with older girl Since a pad isn't required I believe it's more comfortable for the girl. Fit is great and they stay on.
Karen Werfield
Fairykist Corgis